5 Reasons Art Belongs In The Office

5 Reasons Art Belongs In The Office

If you are a business owner or office manager, you may be wondering how to create an inspiring and engaging workspace for your employees and clients. One solution is to commission an artist to create unique and customized art for your office. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of commissioning artists to create art for your office.


Commissioning an artist allows you to create a piece of art that is unique to your business and reflects your brand identity. You can work with the artist to create a piece that incorporates your company's colors, logo, or imagery that represents your business. This personalized artwork can enhance your office's visual appeal and make it stand out from other workplaces.

2.Boost morale and productivity

Art in the workplace has been shown to boost employee morale and productivity. Studies have found that art can reduce stress levels and increase creativity, which can lead to more productive and happier employees. Additionally, displaying artwork that has been specifically created for your office can help foster a sense of pride and ownership among your employees.

3.Improved branding and client impressions

Commissioned art can help enhance your brand's visual identity and make a positive impression on clients and visitors. It can communicate the values and personality of your brand and demonstrate your commitment to creativity and innovation. A thoughtfully designed artwork can serve as a conversation starter and leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors.


Commissioning art for your office can also be a valuable investment. High-quality art can appreciate in value over time and can become a valuable asset for your business. Additionally, it can provide a tax deduction for your company as an expense.

5.Support the arts community 

Commissioning an artist to create art for your office can also be a way to support the local arts community. By investing in an artist's work, you are contributing to their livelihood and helping to sustain the arts community.

In conclusion, commissioning artists to create art for your office is a great way to personalize your workspace, boost employee morale and productivity, enhance your branding, make a valuable investment, and support the arts community. If you are interested in commissioning an artist for your office, reach out to a local artist and start a conversation about creating a unique and personalized artwork for your business.

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